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Co-Founder of TEIA.surf




BA in Music Composition from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2005)

MFA in Music Composition/Performance [French Horn] from California Institute of the Arts (2007)

California Institute of the Arts: Composer-in-Residence Program @ Arcosanti (2007)

Admission to PhD program in Musicology @ University of Southern California (2012)

Bitcoin Mining with ASIC Miner (2013)

Participant in Ethereum's Pre-Sale ICO (2014)

Worked with the Musicoin Foundation and Community [$MUSIC] (2016)

Early Supporter/Investor of the Dogecoin Community [$DOGE] (2016)

Owner of Original CryptoPunk [0x48587ea9e20d257b3e18a7cb8ac4aaf3ffd7429c -> ryangtanaka.eth] (2017)

Project Manager at $STORE, Crypto-Based Startup (2018)

Gridcoin [$GRC] Mining/Staking (2018)

Ran a Full ETH2 Validator Node [Exited: https://beaconcha.in/validator/25046] (2020-2022)

Influencer and Editors' Picks for Trading Ideas at TradingView.com (2021)

Owner of an Arts Events/Promotional Space in the Metaverse (11,69) in Decentraland [$MANA] (2021)

Owner of Tz1and Metaverse Properties [$XTZ] (2022)

Project Manager for Web3 Entertainer/Influencer Management Startup, Neither-Fish-No-Foul (NFNF) [$NEAR] (2022)

Runs CHIA ($CHIA) and STORJ ($STORJ) Proof-of-Space/Storage Nodes (2022)

Patron/Artist/Collector and Founding Member of the TEIA DAO [ryangtanaka.tez] (2022)